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terms of service

This is not a legally binding document, however it is used by the Administration to judge content posted through dithernet services.

dithernet is a shared hosting service, offering multiple services to its users - a mailbox and a Nextcloud account, depending on the services chosen by/given access to a dithernet user, further refered to as Users.

The administration may be reached by e-mailing service (@) dithernet dot org.

In order to make sure that the service can operate without issues and avoid termination, multiple rules have been put into place.

  1. The following content and behaviours are NOT permitted on any of the Service's services and will result in termination of access to the services, regardless of whether the actions are aimed at users of this Service or, in the case of e-mail or public/federated content, towards other people:
    • Spam and unwanted, excessive advertising
    • Harrasment of other individuals
    • Racism or advocation of racism
    • Sexism or advocation of sexism
    • Casteism or advocation of casteism
    • Discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, or advocation thereof
    • Xenophobic and/or violent nationalism
    • Spreading disinformation or conspiracy theories that undermine public health
    • Sexual depictions of children
    • Conduct promoting the ideology of National Socialism
    • Any conduct intended to stalk or harass other users, or to impede other users from utilizing the service, or to degrade the performance of the service, or to harass other users, or to incite other users to perform any of the aforementioned actions. This includes, but is not limited to, the following behaviors:
      • Continuing to engage in conversation with a user that has specifically has requested for said engagement with that user to cease and desist may be considered harassment, regardless of platform-specific privacy tools employed.
      • Aggregating, posting, and/or disseminating a person's demographic, personal, or private data without express permission (informally called doxing or dropping dox) may be considered harassment.
      • Inciting users to engage another user in continued interaction or discussion after a user has requested for said engagement with that user to cease and desist (informally called brigading or dogpiling) may be considered harassment.
    • Content illegal in Poland
  2. Should any of these rules be broken, the administration reserves the full right to terminate access to the Service to the Users breaking these rules at short or no notice. The reason for the termination will be sent to the User's secondary, non-dithernet e-mail address.
  3. The administration reserves the full right to remove accounts that have been inactive for over 90 days, with prior notice 30, 15, 5 and 1 day before removal.

Users who are breaking these rules may be reported to the following e-mail address: abuse (@) dithernet dot org.

Privacy policy

dithernet keeps access logs for the purposes of preventing spam and service abuse. These access logs may contain IP addresses. The administration does not use these logs to target individuals; they are only used by automated software (such as fail2ban) to ban unauthorized access attempts. These access logs are wiped every 7 days.

We do not share any data with 3rd parties. We don't have any advertisements on our services.

Users of the Service reserve the full right to have all of their data removed or sent to them, as per GDPR regulations. Services offered by dithernet should contain options for removing or downloading data related to the logged-in User.

Should you have any questions about the process, or want to make sure that all data is removed, please contact us at service (@) dithernet . org, and include "[GDPR]" or "[gdpr]" (including brackets, excluding quotation marks) in the subject line of your e-mail.

Last update: 2023-03-16 (yyyy-mm-dd)

Adapted from mastodon.social's Code of Conduct.